My research is focused on everyday life in its relation to local cultures, places, power, and development/
Займаюся дослідженнями у сфері культурної географії, а саме повсякденного життя у його відношенні до локальних культур, місць, влади та розвитку.

I am studying at Master Program in Geography at the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA as Fulbright student. 

My research interests are:

  • post-socialist urban and suburban spaces 
  • post-socialist changes in landscape, housing and land ownership (privatization process) 
  • planning, policy and economic and social structures, community involvement 
  • values, preferences and social construction of normativity 
  • social change and space, theories of development 
  • geographies of Russia
  • ontology of land
Beyond the research work I am fascinated by long-term cycling, stratovolcanoes, old bridges, banana stickers and watching ski jumping.